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Superior Project (Before & After)

A simple kitchen remodel for a 1976 sprawling ranch house resulted in a major transformation. Walls were removed, ceilings opened, and post and beams added to convert an out dated kitchen to a culinary haven for the two chef owners and their equally talented friend. Average size rooms became one large, entertaining, multi-use space with forever sightlines and an art and collectibles gallery from their many trips to Africa.

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  • doughty-kitchen-before
  • doughty-kitchen-after
  • doughty-kitchen-before2
  • doughty-kitchen-after2
  • doughty-diningroom-before
  • doughty-diningroom-after
  • doughty-entry-before
  • doughty-entry-after
  • doughty-living-before
  • doughty-living-after1
  • doughty-living-after2
  • doughty-powderroom
  • doughty-powderroom-after
  • doughty-family-before
  • doughty-family-after
  • doughty-office-before
  • doughty-office-after